Keeping Salamanders

Fire Salamander, Salamander, Amphibian

Salamanders can actually live for a lengthy time. In actuality, some of them can live for up to 25 years. If you want your pet to live a longer life, then below are some tips on how to care for your salamander correctly:

Number 1: Before you acquire a salamander, you need to secure a special collection permit from your regional division of conservation and wildlife department. Your local authority may be issuing this license to permit you to maintain a salamander at home.

Number 2: Provide a tank or aquarium best for your salamander. A tank which measures 1×2 feet is sufficient for a small to medium-sized salamander. However, you can go to as large as 3×4 feet. It should be tight enough to keep the salamander from penetrating.

Number 3: Make sure you fill the tank with sand or soil for about 4 inches deep. You might also use an old cake pan or loaf bread pan so that it is going to fit well with the height of the sand. You need to provide an appropriate substrate for burrowing too.

Number 4: Put fresh water to the container. Salamander loves to remain in damp, green and dark areas; hence you can put green plants within the tank. When you add water inside the tank, the runoff will eventually keep the sand moist.

Number 5: Secure rocks and other things which can be utilised as colors like driftwoods and leaves and put it inside your tank. But, make sure you set it in an organized manner so it won’t ruin your set up.

Number 6: Salamanders produce excessive waste. Because of that, you want to clean the tank every now and then. If you are unable to do this, ammonia will lodge within the tank causing your tank to be polluted. If this will happen, your salamander will get sick and eventually die.

Number 7: See to it that your tank is always dry for terrestrial terrarium, but maintain your substrate slightly moist. If you are keeping semi-aquatic salamanders, be certain that the land part is moist, but not submerged in water. In the meantime, the water on the wet-side must always be clean.

Number 8: Salamanders can be kept in room temperature. Normally, salamanders have sensitive skin and they have the tendency to acquire chemicals immediately. Thus, they don’t need certain UV lights. Rather, see to it that you rotate the daylight and dark cycle to imitate their natural surroundings.

Having a pet in your home may wipe out your stress and give you a different sense of happiness. Surely, you will find a worthwhile moment with your salamander. However, once you have your own salamander, make certain that you don’t forget your responsibilities as a pet owner. Take good care of your salamanders well so they will live long and happily with you.

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