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By now, everyone has at least heard about the law of attraction. Simplistically, the law states that you get, by and large, what you think about.

Since”the key” got out, many have tried to think about all the things they want via the use of various techniques – directed meditations, vision boards, positive thinking, positive feeling, and so on. Some swear it works, others wonder what they’re missing and how come they still have not got what their mind is focused on.

So what is missing? Is considering something, wanting it and feeling positively about the outcome to actually materialize the object of your needs? Of course not! Thinking about what you need by itself won’t get you anything. You need to ACT on your ideas and desires.

You want a new car (or some other life style improvement)? Increase your savings and reduce your expenses! You want a better job? Start treating with integrity and respect the one you have now! Start paying off your debts diligently! Become the perfect wife (do not just lie there wasting time in wishful thinking). Yes, the universe responds in kind but ONLY once you show that you’re ready to take personal responsibility. And the only way to show you are accountable is by taking IMMEDIATE action.

Bear in mind the old tale about the individual who was always begging God to help him win the lottery? 1 day God got fed up and said”At least buy a lottery ticket”.

Another legend tells the story of a tribe that prayed for rain. God promised rain but rain never arrived. Of course the tribe complained to which God replied”I might have sent you rain, as promised, but you didn’t dig any ditches”

So it is all good to want and visualize something. But you’re not prepared to receive it until you start acting on it. How should you behave? Do anything and everything. Acting randomly will lead you onto the right track just as surely as acting intentionally and systematically. The point is you need to be doing something, to start somewhere, anywhere. Do not just sit there staring mindlessly in your eyesight boards. Get real! Rather than always talking about your dreams, act on them. Start”digging the ditches” and you will get rain, if rain is what you want. If you don’t dig the ditches, rain becomes impossible to get (regardless of how much you pray for it).

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